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Making Sacrifices

Isaac partied himself into a coma. He died. When he came back he was plagued by nightmares so terrifying he thought he was losing his mind. Trying to cope, he focussed on the woman starring in these terrible dreams. Transforming her from victim into ruthless warrior. Vida went to war against the sinister darkness that assailed them both. Queen of the Vidian Empire, and Isaac had her story published.
But Vida doesn’t just exist between the pages of a book.
Archaeologists uncovered what they hoped would be a bog body. But the remains were evidence of murder. The police reconstructed the victim’s face and the image went viral.
She was a dead ringer for Vida, and Isaac must find out why the woman of his nightmares ended up in a bog close to where he grew up.
A lifetime of secrets so devastating they threaten to undermine his entire existence.

Coming Soon: Welcome
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