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It took a while...

A late starter to the book writing business, it took a global pandemic to stop me in my tracks... along with the rest of us, but I used the world wide stoppage to do something I've always wanted to do but never had the time. Write.

My first book, Conspiracy of Cats, was published in August 2021, and I have a second called Making Sacrifices due out later in 2022. Both books are supernatural murder mysteries, and both feature my home town of Edinburgh, Scotland.

I left Edinburgh years ago, heading initially south to Wiltshire, and then across to France where I blagged my way around a huge, overgrown garden, armed with various tools and a ride-on mower. In the end I wasn't blagging anymore. I was successfully growing my own fruit and veg, and had turned part of our overgrown wilderness into a beautiful oasis of floral calm. It was while overlooking this garden that I escaped from the stress of covid and began to write.

I've returned to Scotland since then. I live on the west coast now along with my husband and our two dogs. Our garden is much smaller now, but I can see the Atlantic from there... hear it and smell it. Very different from rural France, but I enjoy change. 

I also enjoy reading and, most recently, have enjoyed books by Lisa Jewel, Eve Chase, Denzil Meyrick, Penny Haw, S E Lynes, Awais Khan and Alan Gorevan.

I spend a lot of time on my own, hammering away on my laptop, so it would be really nice to hear from my readers. I'm enormously flattered that anyone would take the time to read my books, and incredibly grateful to everyone who does.

Thank you.

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