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My very first book event was a great success!

On the 22nd March 2023 we held a 'Sip 'n' Swap book event at the sailing club in Campbeltown in association with 'The Wee Toon Readers' book group on facebook.

Having lived in the area immediately after our return from France, I was delighted by the level of support my first book, 'Conspiracy of Cats', received from friends, neighbours and book group members in and around Campbeltown.

Having since moved once again to another part of Scotland, I have kept in touch and remain part of the book group. So, hoping the my second book, Making Sacrifices, would be published by then, we scheduled our'Sip 'n' Swap'. Unfortunately publication has been delayed, but we had a great night all the same, with wine and nibbles, an informal interview, guest questions and the very popular book swap... every guest brought four of their own books along, and then left with four new to them books at the end of the event. A great way to pass along your old books and get some new reading material for free!

I read the prologue from 'Making Sacrifices', setting the scene from a true life murder mystery discovered way back in 1983. I've never forgotten this incident and used it as the foundation for my story. More about that later.

I also read from a work in progress; Jade is just 19 when her career shifts from carer to killer thanks to a very unusual and glamorous mentor.

Despite my nerves; I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and got some great feedback from our guests. I even sold a number of copies of 'Conspiracy of Cats'! More bppk events are on the horizon!

Making Sacrifices will be available very soon. In the meantime, copies of 'Conspiracy of Cats' are available from all good book retailers both in shops and online. Links below.

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